guess - definition and synonyms

verb [intransitive/transitive] 

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present tense
present participleguessing
past tenseguessed
past participleguessed
  1. to say or decide what you think is true, without being certain about it

    a competition to guess the weight of the pig

    guess at:

    It’s difficult even to guess at the figures.

    guess something as something:

    He guessed her age as 14 or 15.

    guess what/who/how etc:

    Would anyone like to guess what this object is?

    guess (that):

    She guessed that it was about midday from the position of the sun.

    guess as to something:

    Scientists are really still guessing as to the true cause of ice ages.

    guess correctly/right:

    Whoever guesses correctly will win two tickets to the show.

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    1. a.
      to be correct about something that you guess

      He had already guessed the answer.

      Surely she would guess the truth.

      guess about:

      He wondered whether she knew or guessed about Amy.

      guess (that):

      Tim guessed she was awake.

      I expect you’ve guessed by now that I lost the fight.

      guess something from something:

      She guessed from the noise that her brothers were home.

      not be hard to guess something:

      From his expression, it wasn’t hard to guess what had happened.

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