go to - definition and synonyms

phrasal verb [transitive]
present tense
I/you/we/theygo to
he/she/itgoes to
present participlegoing to
past tensewent to
past participlegone to
  1. 1
    go to something to start doing a particular activity or being in a particular state
    go to sleep:

    I was just going to sleep when the phone rang.

    go to work (on something):

    He then went to work on the car and had repaired it by lunchtime.

    go to war (with someone):

    The two countries have gone to war twice over the disputed territory.

  2. 2
    go to someone/something to be given to someone or something

    Our thanks go to everyone who helped to make this celebration a success.

    The house was supposed to go to her children when she died.

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