get over - definition and synonyms

phrasal verb [transitive]
present tense
I/you/we/theyget over
he/she/itgets over
present participlegetting over
past tensegot over
past participlegot over
  1. 1
    get over something to start to feel happy or well again after something bad has happened to you

    It can take weeks to get over an illness like that.

    Don’s pretty upset, but he’ll get over it.

    1. a.
      get over someone to start to forget someone and feel happy again after a relationship has ended
  2. 2
    get over something to find a way to solve or deal with a difficult problem

    There are many hurdles still to get over before the new restaurant can open.

  3. 3

    get over


    get over with

    get something over to do something or allow something to happen, because you want it to be finished or you want to start something else

    We decided to get the holidays over before we started decorating the house.

  4. 4
    British same as get across

    We are trying to get this information over as clearly as possible.

  5. 5
    can’t get over something used for saying that you are very surprised by something

    I just can’t get over how well we played!

  6. 6
    get over here/there spoken
  7. 7
    get over it spoken used for telling someone to stop worrying, complaining, or being upset about something
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