get out of - definition and synonyms

phrasal verb [transitive]
present tense
I/you/we/theyget out of
he/she/itgets out of
present participlegetting out of
past tensegot out of
past participlegot out of
  1. 1
    get out of something to avoid doing something that you should do or that you said you would do

    I said I’d meet him, but now I want to get out of it.

    get out of doing something:

    Ruth always tries to get out of doing the washing up.

    1. a.
      get someone out of something to help someone to avoid doing something

      Can you get me out of going to this meeting?

  2. 2
    get something out of something to get pleasure or a benefit from something

    He gets a lot of satisfaction out of being a teacher.

    I don’t understand what she gets out of her relationship with him.

  3. 3
    get out of something to take off clothes so that you can put on more comfortable clothes
  4. 4
    get something out of someone to persuade someone to give you information or money

    See if you can get any details out of her.

  5. 5
    get out of here spoken
    1. b.
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