free - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    something that is free does not cost anything

    All talks start at 2.30 pm and admission is free.

    There is plenty of free parking.

    free to/for:

    The swimming pool is free to hotel guests.

    free gift:

    You can claim your free gift with your first order.

  2. 2
    not a prisoner or a slave

    He will soon be a free man again.

    set someone/something free:

    He opened the cage and set the eagle free.

  3. 3
    not held, tied, or fixed to somewhere

    Hand me the free end of the rope.

    With his free hand he carefully unfastened his belt.

    get free:

    Sally struggled to get free from the branches.

  4. 4
    not limited or controlled by rules

    People should have a free choice of lawyers.

    free to do something:

    You are free to come and go as you please.

    1. a.
      allowed to decide for yourself what you do, say, or think, especially without being controlled by someone in authority

      a free people

      a free country/society:

      We like to believe we live in a free society.

      a free election:

      the first free elections in Germany since 1946

  5. 5
    not containing or involving something unpleasant
    free from/of:

    We want to give all children a world free from violence.

    It was a relaxing atmosphere, free of tension.

    Within minutes, she was absolutely free of pain.

  6. 6
    available to see someone, do something, or go somewhere

    I’m busy at the moment, but I’ll be free this afternoon.

    free for:

    Are you free for lunch?

    1. a.
      available for someone to use

      Is this seat free?

      There are no free fitting rooms at the moment.

  7. 7
    free time is time when you do not have any work to do, so that you can do whatever you want

    Do you have any free time this weekend?

    I’ll keep a day free next week for our meeting.

  8. 8
    if you are free with your opinions or comments, you say so much that it annoys other people
    1. a.
      if you are free with something, especially money, you spend or give a lot of it

      He’s never been particularly free with his cash.

  9. 9
    science not combined with another substance, or not attached to anything else

    free oxygen

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