following - definition and synonyms

adjective, preposition, pronoun 

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Following can be used in these ways:
as a preposition (followed by a noun): Following months of uncertainty, the government has finally announced its decision.
as an adjective (only before a noun): She arrived the following day.
as a pronoun: Please read the following carefully.
  1. 1
    after something happens, or as a result of something that happens

    The team blossomed following the appointment of the new manager.

  2. 2
    [only before noun] the following day, month, page etc is the next one

    Sadly, Pietro died the following year.

    The problem will be discussed in the following chapter.

  3. 3
    used for referring to something that you are going to say or mention next, especially a list of people or things

    Combine the following ingredients: brown sugar, flour, and butter.

    Make sure you bring the following: sunglasses, sunscreen, a towel, and a swimsuit.

  4. 4
    a following wind blows behind a boat, plane, or other vehicle and makes it travel faster