fling - definition and synonyms

verb [transitive] 

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present tense
present participleflinging
past tenseflung
past participleflung
  1. 1
    to throw something carelessly or with a lot of force
    fling something over/across/onto etc:

    She flung a book across the room at me.

    His coat had been flung over the back of a chair.

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  2. 2
    to move your body or part of your body quickly, and with a lot of force
    fling something around/up/back etc:

    I flung my arms around him.

    fling yourself down/into/onto/to something:

    Martin flung himself to the ground to stop the ball.

  3. 3
    to say something to someone that is intended to hurt them

    Don’t start flinging accusations just because you’re upset.

  4. 4
    to quickly open a door, window, or curtain
    fling something open/back/off:

    She flung open the curtains to let in the sunlight.

  5. 5
    to send someone to a place, or to make them move quickly and with force

    The king could have you flung into prison.

    He survived unhurt after being flung 25 metres in the crash.

    fling someone out (=make them leave):

    The management flung them out for causing a disturbance.

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