flat - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    level and parallel to the ground

    The building has a flat roof.

    You need a flat surface to work on.

    1. a.
      smooth on the surface, with no lumps or slopes

      The farmland is very flat.

      a firm flat stomach

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    2. b.
      thin and wide and not curving inwards or outwards

      a monitor with a flat screen

      She put the fruit on a large flat plate.

  2. 2
    stretched out or lying on a surface

    Stand with your feet flat on the floor.

    flat on your back:

    She was flat on her back asleep.

  3. 3
    a flat rate or amount is the same in all situations, so that you do not pay more or less

    The bank charges a flat fee of £5 for money transfers.

  4. 6
    a flat tyre does not have enough air in it
  5. 7
    a flat battery does not have enough power left in it
  6. 8
    a flat drink has lost its bubbles of gas, so that it does not taste good
  7. 9
    flat shoes have very low heels or no heels
  8. 10
    spoken in a voice that does not go up and down. This word is often used for describing the speech of people from a particular region.
  9. 11
    appearing as a line on a graph that does not go up or down, showing no activity or variety
  10. 13
    music a B flat, E flat etc is a musical note that is one semitone lower than B, E etc