flat adverb - definition and synonyms

noun [countable] linguistics  /ˌflæt ˈædvɜː(r)b/
singularflat adverb
pluralflat adverbs
  1. an adverb such as ‘quick’, ‘slow’, ‘wrong’, or ‘different’ which has the same form as its associated adjective. For example in the sentences ‘Take it easy’, ‘Tell me straight’, ‘Don’t drive so fast!’, and ‘Some people may think different’, ‘easy’, ‘straight, ‘fast’, and ‘different’ are flat adverbs. Some flat adverbs such as ‘easy’, ’different’, ‘quick’, ‘slow’, and ‘wrong’ have a more usual form ending in ‘ly’ as in ‘easily’, ‘differently’ ‘quickly’, ‘slowly’, and ‘wrongly’.