fit - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    healthy, strong, and able to do physical exercise without getting very tired

    Running around after the kids keeps me fit.

    fit for:

    McCarthy hopes to be fit for the match on Saturday.

    fit to do something:

    You have to be reasonably fit to do this job.

    get fit:

    I need to get fit before the football season starts.

    See also fiddle, keep fit
  2. 2
    in a good enough physical or mental condition
    fit to do something:

    The accused was declared fit to stand trial.

    not in a fit state/in no fit state:

    You are in no fit state to drive.

  3. 3
    of a good enough standard for someone or something
    fit for:

    He seems to think that typing documents is all I’m fit for.

    The house was not fit for human habitation.

    fit to do something:

    He is not fit to be a teacher.

    fit to eat/drink:

    That wine is not fit to drink.

    fit for a king/queen (=of very high quality):

    She made me a dress fit for a queen.

  4.   From our crowdsourced Open Dictionary
    fighting fit extremelyhealthy

    At 73, she's still fighting fit, ​walking five ​miles a ​day.

    Submitted by Taibouni mahmoud from Algeria on 08/03/2016