firm - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    solid but not hard

    The ground underfoot was fairly firm and not too muddy.

    I sleep better on a firm mattress.

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  2. 2
    steady and fixed in place

    Make sure the ladder is firm before you start to climb.

    1. a.
      steady and not likely to change

      The dollar remained firm against the yen today.

  3. 3
    definite and not likely to change

    Have you set a firm date for the meeting?

    a firm commitment:

    We want a firm commitment that resources will be provided.

    a firm belief/conviction:

    It is my firm belief that we must encourage debate.

    a firm believer:

    Mark’s a firm believer in discipline for children.

    a firm favourite:

    The Rams are firm favourites to take the title this year.

    1. a.
      definite and reliable
      firm evidence:

      No firm evidence links pollution with asthma.

      firm news:

      All we have at the moment is rumours – no firm news.

  4. 4
    showing that you are in control of a situation and will not be easily forced to do something

    Her staff regard her as firm but fair.

    What the party needs now is firm leadership.

    be firm with someone:

    You sometimes have to be firm with young children.

    take firm action:

    The government must take firm action to stop the fighting.

  5. 5
    physically or mentally strong

    She took a firm hold of the stick and pulled hard.

    Her handshake was firm and her smile warm.

    Bruce put a firm hand on my arm.

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I firmly believe that we must act at once.


noun [uncountable]