fire - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    [countable/uncountable] flames and heat from something that is burning in an uncontrolled way

    The school was badly damaged by fire.

    Three children died in a fire at their home last night.

    be destroyed by fire:

    The theatre was completely destroyed by fire.

    start a fire:

    It is thought that local youths may have started the fire.

    fight/tackle/put out a fire:

    Twenty firefighters tackled the fire.

    a fire breaks out:

    a fire broke out in a Paris nightclub.

    a forest fire:

    The hot dry weather has increased the risk of forest fires.

  2. 2
    [countable] a small pile of burning wood, coal etc that you make in order to produce heat

    a coal fire

    make/build a fire:

    We went off to collect wood to build a fire.

    light a fire:

    Once the fire was lit, the room seemed more inviting.

    a blazing/roaring fire:

    We sat in front of a blazing log fire.

  3. 3
    [countable] British a piece of equipment that uses electricity or gas to heat a room
    an electric/gas fire:

    There was an old gas fire in the bedroom.

  4. 4
    [uncountable] shots from a gun

    Armed police arrived on the scene, and there was an exchange of fire.

  5. 5
    [uncountable] formal strong feelings such as anger or enthusiasm

    His words were full of fire and passion.

  6.   From our crowdsourced Open Dictionary
    hold someone's feet to the fire to make someone accountable

    They should hold his feet to the fire on statements he makes on complicated issues like defense and fiscal policy.

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