family - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    [countable] a group of people who live together and are related to one another, usually consisting of parents and children: can be followed by a singular or plural verb

    A family with two children live next door.

    Is the Watson family going to be there?

    He grew up in a large working-class family.

    single-parent/two-parent family:

    Single-parent families are increasingly common.

    a family of four/five etc:

    The tent is big enough for a family of six.

    1. a.
      [countable] a group of people who are all related to one another, including dead members of the group: can be followed by a singular or plural verb

      Does your family have any history of heart disease?

      She did not want the property to go to anyone outside the family.

      be in someone’s/the family (=belong to that family):

      The boatyard had been in his family for four generations.

    2. b.
      [uncountable] people who are related to you: can be followed by a singular or plural verb

      We spent the holiday period visiting family in Scotland.

      We ought to help him – after all, he is family.

      friends and family/family and friends:

      We had Christmas lunch in the company of family and friends.

      one of the family:

      He’s like one of the family.

  2. 2
    [countable] children in a family: can be followed by a singular or plural verb

    The soldier had a wife and family.

    start/have a family (=have children):

    They want to get married and start a family.

    bring up/raise a family:

    It’s difficult raising a family on one salary.

  3. 3
    [countable] biology a group of animals or plants that are related. A family has fewer members than an order or class

    Kidney beans belong to the bean family.

  4.   From our crowdsourced Open Dictionary
    run in the family if a particular quality or ability runs in the family, a lot of people in that family have itSubmitted from Poland on 24/10/2015