expose - definition and synonyms

verb [transitive] 

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present tense
present participleexposing
past tenseexposed
past participleexposed
  1. 2
    to fail to protect someone or something from something harmful or dangerous
    expose someone/something to something:

    Many of the soldiers had been exposed to radiation.

    Why do we still sunbathe when we know the dangers of exposing our skin to the sun?

  2. 3
    to deliberately make something publicly known because you believe that it is wrong or illegal

    The press helped to expose the appalling living conditions of the farm workers.

    expose someone/something as something:

    The videotape of the meeting exposed him as thoroughly corrupt (=showed that he was corrupt).

  3. 4
    formal to provide someone with the opportunity to experience new ideas, activities etc so that they can learn about them
    expose someone to something:

    Schools are again exposing children to the classics.

  4. 5
    to allow light to reach the film in a camera so that you can take a photograph