exchange - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    [countable] a situation in which one person gives another person something and receives something else of a similar type or value in return
    exchange of:

    The two sides agreed an exchange of prisoners of war.

    1. a.
      a situation in which people give each other information or discuss their ideas and opinions
      exchange of:

      We had a frank exchange of views.

      There was an angry exchange of letters between the two firms.

    2. b.
      a situation in which someone shoots at another person and the other person shoots back
      an exchange of fire/gunfire/shots:

      There was an exchange of fire and three soldiers fell dead.

  2. 2
    [countable] formal an angry conversation
    heated exchange:

    Paul and Mark were having a heated exchange in the office.

  3. 3
    [uncountable] the act of changing the money of one country to the money of another country

    the abolition of exchange controls

  4. 4
    [countable] an arrangement in which people or groups from different countries visit each other or do each other’s jobs, for example in order to study another country’s language or improve relationships

    I met Laurence on a French exchange.

  5. 5
    [countable] a central place where goods of a particular type are bought and sold

    the former corn exchange

    See also stock exchange