equip - definition and synonyms

verb [transitive] 

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present tense
present participleequipping
past tenseequipped
past participleequipped
  1. 1
    to provide a person, object, or place with the things that they need for a particular purpose

    They received a grant to build and equip a new dental clinic.

    equip someone/something with something:

    There is not enough money to equip investigators with the latest computer systems.

    well/fully equipped:

    a fully equipped gym

    badly/poorly equipped:

    poorly equipped soldiers

  2. 2
    to provide someone with the skills or personal qualities that they need in order to deal with a situation successfully
    equip someone to do something:

    The training had equipped her to deal with emergency situations.

    equip someone for something:

    We aim to equip young graduates for a competitive business environment.

    better/best/well equipped:

    Jane is better equipped than I am to handle such complex questions.