economically - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    relating to economics or to the economy of a particular country or region

    They dismiss the idea that high tax rates are economically harmful.

    Politically and economically, the country is going through enormous changes.

    an economically important industry

    economically depressed/devastated/disadvantaged (=experiencing a lot of economic problems):

    help for some of the country’s economically depressed communities

    1. a.
      in ways relating to money

      The project is both technically and economically feasible.

      Is your life going to be economically better than your parentslives?

      He was still economically dependent on his mother.

      economically active people (=who are earning money)

  2. 2
    in a careful way, so that there is very little waste

    The average domestic heating system could be run much more economically.

    1. a.
      in a way that does not cost much money

      You can equip yourself with the necessary tools quite economically.