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  1. 1
    not difficult to do, or not needing much work

    Finding somewhere to live in London isn’t easy.

    easy to do:

    This cake is very easy to make.

    It’s quite an easy game to learn.

    it is easy to do something:

    It is not always easy to find good teaching materials in this field.

    quite/fairly/relatively easy:

    I’ll show you how to work the till – it’s quite easy.

    an easy way to do something:

    The easiest way to get to Hertford is on the train.

    make something easy:

    We all thought computers would make our jobs easier.

    1. a.
      not difficult to know, understand, or believe

      Here’s an easy question to start with.

      easy to do:

      His explanations are clear and easy to follow.

      it is easy to see:

      It is easy to see why she likes him.

    2. b.
      used about something that is easy to do but may not be the best thing to do

      It’s no good just making a few quick easy decisions.

      easy answer:

      There are no easy answers to the problems of our cities.

    3. c.
      an easy time is one when you have very few problems or worries
      have an easy time (of it):

      Jill hasn’t had an easy time of it since her divorce.

      have an easy day/week/year:

      Luckily, I’d had an easy day at the office, so I wasn’t tired.

  2. 2
    an easy way of behaving shows that you are happy, confident, and not worried about anything

    He’d always admired Doug’s easy charm.

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     Synonyms and related words

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