each - definition and synonyms

determiner, pronoun 

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Each can be used in the following ways:
as a determiner (followed by a singular countable noun): in each corner of the room
as a pronoun: three windows, with a different view from each (followed by ‘of’): I want each of you to fill out an application. (after a plural subject): They each played their part. (after a plural object or a number): I gave them each a copy of the script.The cassettes are on sale at £3.50 each. (after a modal or auxiliary verb, or after the verb ‘to be’): We can each choose our own subject for research.Federer and Nadal had each won two games.
in the phrase each other: We always try to help each other.
When each is part of the subject of a sentence, it is used with a singular verb, except when it follows a plural subject: Each man hunts alone.They each do their share of the work.
In formal writing, a pronoun or possessive adjective that refers back to a noun subject with each is usually singular: Each student has his or her own place in the library. However, in conversation and informal writing these pronouns and possessives are often plural: Each student has their own place in the library.
  1. used for referring to all the people or things in a group, especially when considering every one separately

    The gallery contains work by 5 artists, each with their own individual style.

    As each day dawned, his smile greeted her.

    Each programme in the series will be introduced by a well-known musician.

    Marble columns stand on each side of the entrance.

    The United States, Russia, and Germany each won two gold medals.

    each of:

    Each of us has a job to do.

    She kissed each of her children.

    one/two/half etc each:

    Water was scarce – we were only allowed 1 litre each per day.

    £1/$2 etc each:

    New batteries cost £3.50 each.

    each one:

    When it was time to bring the cows in, he would call each one by name.

    each and every one (=used for emphasizing that you mean every person in a group):

    It is the duty of each and every one of us to protect the environment.