dump - definition and synonyms

verb [transitive] 

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present tense
present participledumping
past tensedumped
past participledumped
  1. 1
    to get rid of someone or something that you no longer want or need

    Nolan was angry at being dumped from the team.

    Over 150,000 tonnes of waste are dumped annually along the coastline.

  2. 2
    informal to put something somewhere in a careless way, especially something that is heavy

    She dumped her bags on the floor and flopped onto the bed.

  3. 3
    informal to end a sexual or romantic relationship with someone

    Brady’s really upset – his girlfriend’s just dumped him.

  4. 4
    informal to leave someone in the care of someone else because it is convenient for you, although it may not be for them
    dump someone with someone else:

    They dumped the kids with her parents while they went on holiday.

  5. 5
    business to sell goods at a very low price in a foreign country in order to keep prices higher in your own country
  6. 6
    computing to copy information that is stored inside a computer to another part of the same computer or onto something such as a disk

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