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  1. 1
    something that is dry has no water in it or on it

    Is the grass dry enough to cut?

    Vegetables should be stored in a cool dry place.

    wipe/towel/pat something dry:

    Wash the lettuce and pat it dry.

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    1. a.
      used about a liquid such as paint when it has become hard or solid

      Someone walked on the concrete before it was dry.

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  2. 2
    dry weather is when there is no rain

    The weather is usually dry and sunny at this time of year.

    1. a.
      used about periods of time

      Tomorrow will be mostly dry.

  3. 3
    dry hair or skin feels rough because it does not have enough moisture in it
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  4. 4
    dry food contains little or no liquid, such as fat or juice

    The chicken was overcooked and dry.

    All they gave me was some dry bread (=with no butter or anything else on it).

  5. 6
    very serious and boring

    The style was too dry for a children’s book.

  6. 7
    feeling thirsty

    Can I have a drink? I’m really dry.

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    1. a.
      if your mouth is dry, it contains very little saliva, for example because you are nervous
  7. 9
    a child that is dry does not need to wear a nappy because they can control when they urinate

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noun [uncountable]
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