dip - definition and synonyms


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present tense
present participledipping
past tensedipped
past participledipped
  1. 1
    [transitive] to lower something into a liquid for a moment before taking it back out again
    dip something in/into something:

    She dipped her handkerchief in the water and gently began to wipe the dirt from his face.

    1. a.
      [transitive] to put an animal in a bath filled with a chemical that kills insects on its skin
  2. 2
    [intransitive/transitive] to move, or to move something downwards

    Joe dipped his head towards her for a quick kiss.

    The bright sun dipped low over the city.

    The road dipped and we picked up speed.

  3. 3
    [intransitive] to become less

    Our profits dipped 30%.

  4.   From our crowdsourced Open Dictionary
    I'll be dipped (in shit) very informal an expression of great surprise

    I'll be dipped: #WordByWord has been chosen as one of Amazon's top ten best books of March!

    Submitted from United Kingdom on 01/03/2017

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