dead - definition and synonyms

adverb informal 

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  1. 1

    You’re dead right!

    stop dead (in your tracks) (=completely and suddenly):

    Rachel stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me with Andy.

    be dead (set) against (doing) something (=oppose it completely):

    My parents are dead against the idea of me going to South America.

    be dead set on (doing) something (=be determined to do something despite opposition):

    The director is dead set on this location.

    dead on time (=at exactly the time arranged or expected):

    The package arrived dead on time.

    dead on target:

    Most of his shots were dead on target.

  2. 2

    That lesson was dead boring!

    dead easy:

    Replacing the battery in the iPhone is dead easy.

    dead tired:

    I’m dead tired, but I can’t miss this meeting.

  3. 3
    dead ahead:

    I can see the station dead ahead.