crown - definition and synonyms

noun [countable] 

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  1. 2

    the crown


    the Crown

    formal the king or queen

    the relationship between Parliament and the Crown

    1. a.

      the crown

      the position of being king or queen

      When he dies, the crown will pass to his son.

    2. b.

      the Crown

      the government of a country that has a king or queen

      a minister of the Crown

      The Crown was forced to drop the charges because of a lack of evidence.

  2. 3
    a title that you get when you win an important sports competition

    France will be defending their World Cup crown.

  3. 4
    the top part of your head
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    1. a.
      the part of a hat that covers the crown of your head
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  4. 5
    a cover for a tooth that has broken or decayed badly

    a gold crown

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  5. 6
    the round top part of a hill
  6. 7
    the wide circular top part of some types of tree
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  7. 8
    a unit of money used in some European countries
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    1. a.
      a unit of money used in the UK in the past. One crown was worth five shillings.