critical - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    expressing an opinion when you think something is wrong or bad

    Her father was a very critical man.

    He gave a highly critical speech.

    critical of:

    People have been critical of the way she has handled the affair.

  2. 2
    very important

    Classroom practice is a critical factor in children’s learning.

    critical to:

    What happens in the next few days is critical to our success.

    of critical importance:

    an issue that is of critical importance to the party

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  3. 4
    someone who is critical is very seriously ill or injured and might die

    Several of the passengers are still critical.

  4. 5
    [only before noun] considering something carefully and deciding what the good and bad aspects are

    In his book, Laurence takes a critical look at modern life.

  5. 6
    according to people whose job is to give their opinion of things such as new books, plays, or films

    It wasn’t the critical success they had hoped for.

    critical acclaim (=admiration):

    Her latest show has won much critical acclaim.