considering - definition and synonyms

preposition, conjunction 

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Considering can be used in the following ways:
as a preposition (followed by a noun): Considering her lack of experience, it is surprising she has achieved so much.
before words such as that, what, or how to form a conjunction. The word ‘that’ is sometimes left out: Considering (that) he’s 82, he does very well.He does very well, considering how old he is.
in spoken English, as a sentence adverb at the end of a sentence (making a comment on the whole sentence or clause): He does very well, considering.
  1. used for showing that your opinion about something is affected by a particular fact

    They’ve made remarkable progress, considering they only started last week.

    Considering the price we paid, it was a very disappointing meal.

    Robert played brilliantly, considering how badly injured he was.

    I think these results are very satisfactory, considering.