commission - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1




    [countable] a group of people that is officially put in charge of something or asked to find out about something

    a special parliamentary commission

  2. 2
    [countable] a request for someone such as an artist or writer to produce a piece of work for someone in exchange for payment
  3. 3
    [countable/uncountable] an extra amount of money that you have to pay to a bank or other organization when they provide a service for you
    1. a.
      an extra amount of money that you earn in your job every time you sell a product or get a new customer
  4. 4
    [countable] the position of being an officer in the armed forces

    He obtained a commission in the Royal Air Force.

  5. 5
    [uncountable] formal the act of committing a crime

    the commission of an offence