collect - definition and synonyms


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present tense
present participlecollecting
past tensecollected
past participlecollected
  1. 1
    [transitive] to get things and keep them together for a particular reason

    A lot of families collect newspapers for recycling.

    1. a.
      to get and keep objects because they are interesting or valuable

      I didn’t know she collected modern art.

    2. b.
      to get a supply of something that you will use later

      It’s a good idea to collect rainwater for use in the garden.

  2. 2
    [transitive] to go and get a person or thing

    What time do you collect the kids from school?

    When can I come and collect the keys?

    The rubbish is collected every Tuesday.

  3. 3
    [transitive] to get money from someone for a particular purpose

    Someone came to collect the rent.

    1. a.
      [intransitive/transitive] to collect money from different people, for example in order to buy a present or to help people who are suffering

      They give up their spare time to collect for various charities.

    2. b.
      [transitive] to receive money officially, for example from the government or an insurance company

      He’s old enough to collect his pension.

      The victim collected £10,000 in compensation.

  4. 4
    [transitive] to win or earn money or a prize

    She ran well, but failed to collect a medal.

  5. 5
    [intransitive] if a crowd of people collects, it forms
    1. a.
      [intransitive] if a substance collects somewhere, it gradually goes there

      With flat roofs, you often find that rain collects in the corners.

    2. b.
      [transitive] if a surface collects a substance, the substance gradually covers the surface
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