clear - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    obvious and impossible to doubt
    clear evidence:

    There was clear evidence putting him at the scene of the crime.

    a clear indication:

    His secretary could give no clear indication of when he was expected back.

    a clear case:

    It appears to be a clear case of discrimination.

    a clear favourite:

    They have always been the clear favourites to win the championship.

    clear (that):

    It was very clear that something was worrying him.

    it is not clear whether:

    It is not clear whether Johnson’s brother shares these views.

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  2. 2
    easy to understand
    make something clear:

    He’s made his intentions quite clear.

    abundantly/perfectly clear:

    Anthony had made it abundantly clear that he did not want to see her.

    get something clear:

    Let’s get something absolutely clear: you’re not going to get any help from me this time.

  3. 3
    easy to hear

    ‘I did it,’ she said in a clear voice.

  4. 5
    easy to see

    Though the picture was small, it was clear and sharp.

  5. 6
    not confused

    He defines logic as ‘the art of clear thinking’.

    Jane had no clear idea where she would go.

    be clear about/on something:

    You need to be clear about the purpose of the meeting.

    I’m not very clear on what this last sentence means.

    be clear in your mind (about something):

    I’m completely clear in my mind about what happened that day.

    1. a.
      be clear that to feel confident and determined about a belief or decision

      As a party, we are clear that the rich need to make a bigger contribution to our tax revenues.

  6. 7
    if a surface, road, or passage is clear, there is nothing on it that blocks it or gets in the way

    From the window there was a clear view of the mountains.

    clear of:

    All the main roads are now clear of snow.

  7. 8
    if the sky or the weather is clear, there are no clouds, rain etc

    clear blue skies

    bright and clear:

    The following Sunday was bright and clear.

  8. 11
    not affected by guilty feelings
    someone’s conscience is clear:

    She had done her duty, and her conscience was clear.

    have a clear conscience:

    I have a clear conscience. We didn’t do anything wrong.

  9. 12
    not touching something or not too close to it
    clear of:

    Make sure your hands are completely clear of the blades.

  10. 13
    winning by a particular distance or number of points in a race or competition
    clear of:

    They are now four points clear of their nearest rivals.

  11. 14
    left after taxes, charges, or costs have been paid
    a clear £50/£100/£1,000 etc:

    That should leave us with a clear £300.

    I made a clear £50 profit.

  12. 15
    if a medical test is clear, it shows that there is nothing wrong

    All the tests came back clear.

  13. 16
    if a period of time is clear, you have not arranged to do anything during it

    I’ll keep Thursday afternoon clear in case we need to meet.

  14. 17
    [only before noun] British complete
    a clear fifteen minutes/two hours etc:

    There was still a clear fifteen minutes before the others arrived.

  15.   From our crowdsourced Open Dictionary
    I am (very) clear that used by politicians and others to say: This is what I think/intend to do and nothing is going to deflect me from my view/course

    I am very clear that the Scottish Government has given far less ground than I think it should.

    Submitted from United Kingdom on 20/03/2017