clamp - definition and synonyms

verb [transitive] 

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present tense
present participleclamping
past tenseclamped
past participleclamped
  1. 1
    to put or hold something firmly in position
    clamp something to/around/on something:

    Jack has always got a mobile phone clamped to his ear.

    1. a.
      [intransitive] if something clamps to, around, or on another thing, it attaches itself there firmly
      clamp to/around/on:

      The animal’s jaws clamped on the stick as I tried to beat it off.

  2. 2
    to hold two things together using a clamp
  3. 3
    [often passive] British to put a piece of equipment on a wheel of a car to stop it being moved because it is illegally parked

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