care - definition and synonyms

verb [intransitive/transitive] 

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present tense
present participlecaring
past tensecared
past participlecared
  1. 1
    [never progressive] to be interested in someone and want them to be well and happy

    I wish I had someone who cared.

    Only Ed cared enough to come and talk to her.

    care about:

    I don’t think she cares about him at all.

  2. 2
    to be interested in something and feel strongly that it is important
    care about:

    No one seemed to care about her feelings.

    care what/why etc:

    Of course I care what happens to the school!

    genuinely care:

    He wasn’t lying – he genuinely didn’t care whether he passed his exams or not.

    care deeply/passionately:

    They cared passionately about the environment.

    not care either way/one way or the other (=not worry about what is decided):

    Our mother said she didn’t care either way, as long as we were all happy.

    neither know nor care:

    He neither knew nor cared what she meant by that remark.

phrasal verbs