boundary - definition and synonyms

noun [countable] 

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  1. 1
    something such as a line on a map that marks where one area of land ends and another begins

    a proposal to redraw the city boundary

    Akbar extended the boundaries of his empire in the north and to the south.

    boundary with:

    Estonians and Latvians began to query the status of their boundaries with Russia.

    1. a.
      a physical object such as a wall or fence that marks the limits of an area

      a boundary fence/wall

      boundary between:

      The lane once formed the boundary between the two villages.

    See also border
  2. 2
    [usually plural] the limits of an activity or experience

    a community in which class boundaries are very clearly drawn

    push back/extend the boundaries of something:

    new research that pushes back the boundaries of genetic science

    cut across boundaries:

    The party’s support cuts across religious boundaries (=is not influenced by differences among religions).

    1. a.
      an imaginary point separating two different qualities, ideas etc
      boundary between:

      The boundary between fact and fiction in her writing is often blurred.

  3. 3
    the outer edge of the playing area in cricket
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