black - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    having the darkest colour, like the sky at night when there is no light

    He was wearing black shorts.

    Black cats are sometimes thought to be lucky.

    clouds of thick black smoke

  2. 2




    belonging or relating to a race of people with dark skin, especially people whose families were originally from Africa

    She was the first black woman barrister in the UK.

    Dr King was a leader in the Black community.

    a famous black actor

  3. 3
    tea or coffee that is black has no milk in it

    Do you take your coffee black or white?

  4. 4
    making people feel unhappy or lose hope

    one of the blackest moments in British history

    It’s a black day for the car industry.

  5. 7
    literary evil or cruel

    a black deed

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     Synonyms and related words