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  1. 1
    forming the main or most important part of something, without which it cannot really exist

    Rice is the basic ingredient of the dish.

    We have the basic framework for an agreement.

    basic to:

    Honesty and trust are basic to a good relationship.

    1. a.
      basic ideas or skills are the ones you must know or learn in order to understand or do something

      Once you’ve mastered the basic principles of using a computer, you can move on.

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    2. b.
      used for emphasizing that you are talking about the most important part of a situation

      The basic question is how long can this go on?

      There are two basic choices: make a fuss or do nothing.

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  2. 2
    basic products and services are ones that everyone needs such as food, medicine, and fuel

    Basic foods such as soya beans and rice were being flown into the disaster zone.

    The state provides only basic health care.

    The money they earned did not even cover their most basic needs.

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    1. a.
      basic feelings are the natural feelings that everyone has

      the basic instinct for survival

    2. b.
      basic rights are rights that everyone should be allowed to have

      Free speech is a basic human right.

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  3. 3
    simple and with no special features

    The accommodation is rather basic.

    1. a.
      not very advanced, or not very complicated

      My French is pretty basic, but I can get by.

  4. 4
    with no extra amounts of money included or charged
    1. a.
      the basic rate of tax is the one that most people pay and is less than the rate paid by people who earn a lot of money
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  5.   From our crowdsourced Open Dictionary
    thinking that your tastes or possessions are cool and special when in fact they are ordinary

    27 signs you’re dating a basic bitch

    Being basic is liking what it is typical to like.

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