anyhow - definition and synonyms


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Anyhow can be used in the following ways:
as a way of showing how a sentence is related to what has already been said: I’m not going to resign. Not yet, anyhow.
as an ordinary adverb: Don’t just stick pictures on the wall anyhow. Arrange them properly.
  1. 1
    spoken despite something you have previously mentioned

    Martin’s been ill, but anyhow, I think he’s hoping to come with us tomorrow.

    Make the speed limit 30 miles an hour, and people will drive at 40 anyhow.

  2. 2
    spoken used when stating a particular fact which shows that something that has just been mentioned is not important

    Did you bring a map? Oh well, it doesn’t matter anyhow – I know the way.

    There’s nothing to eat. Anyhow, I’m not really hungry.

  3. 3
    spoken used when adding a statement that limits what you have just said

    I don’t want to talk about it, not tonight anyhow.

    The world, my world anyhow, is full of stupid guys like Gary.

  4. 4
    spoken used for introducing what happened next

    I could see the poor animal was sick. Anyhow, I gave it antibiotics, and it started to recover.

  5. 5
    spoken used when you are changing the subject of a conversation back to what you were talking about earlier

    Oh well, anyhow, as we were saying, nobody cares about the poor old farmers.

  6. 6
    spoken used for ending a conversation, or for showing that you have come to the end of what you were telling someone

    Anyhow, I mustn’t keep you from your work.

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