always - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    on every occasion

    I always get the eight o’clock train.

    My mother and I do not always agree.

    Starting a new job is always a bit of a shock.

  2. 2
    all the time

    Is he always this silly?

    There’s always a pen in my handbag.

  3. 3
    for all time in the past

    I’ve always liked Sarah.

    Has your grandmother always lived with you?

    1. a.
      for all time in the future

      I will always think of you when I hear this song.

      There will always be a demand for English teachers.

  4. 4
    used for saying that something happens often, especially when this annoys you

    He’s always forgetting my name.

    People from work were always ringing her up at home.