active - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    someone who is active does a lot of different activities and has a lot of energy and interests

    People are remaining active into later life.

    meditation techniques to keep the mind active and alert

    1. a.
      very involved in the work of an organization or with a particular activity
      active in:

      She continues to be active in politics.

      active member:

      He is an active member of the American Cancer Society.

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  2. 2
    taking positive action in order to make something happen, rather than just hoping that it will happen

    There are already active discussions going on.

    Active steps are being taken to calm the situation.

    We couldn’t have organized the show without the active support and participation of the studentsparents.

  3. 3
    operating or working in a particular area or at a particular time

    Pickpockets are known to be active in the area.

    1. a.
      regularly doing a particular activity
      sexually active (=having sex regularly):

      sexually active young women

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    2. b.
      an active electrical system is working

      The burglar alarm becomes active ten seconds after you set it.

  4. 4
    an active volcano is likely to erupt (=explode and pour out fire) at any time. When a volcano no longer does this, it is extinct.
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  5. 6
    linguistics in active verbs or clauses, the subject is the person or thing that does or is responsible for the action of the verb. For example in the sentence ‘The crowd was making a bit of noise throughout the game’, the verb group ‘was making’ is active, and the clause is in the active voice.
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