a little - definition and synonyms

  1. 1
    a small amount

    With a little luck, you might write the next best-seller!

    just a little:

    She needs some helpjust a little, anyway.

    a little (bit) of something:

    Mix in a little of the flour to make the liquid thicker.

    Doesn’t Helen speak a little bit of Chinese?

    a little (bit) more/less:

    I reckon I have a little more patience than you.

    I wish there was a little bit less noise around here.

  2. 2
    to a small degree

    The whole situation makes me a little nervous.

    I held her a little closer.

    She was a little disappointed with the job.

    a little bit:

    This may be a little bit painful.

  3. 3
    for a short time

    You should rest a little.

    a little bit:

    Come and talk with me for a little bit.

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