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Macmillan Dictionary Real World English

Real World English

Many people use English in their working lives and generally choose Standard English to do so. But even Standard English varies a little from place to place. In Real World English, language teacher and author Ed Pegg examines these differences in the areas of vocabulary and pragmatics – in the context of the workplace.

The videos and blog posts that will appear on this page over the coming months will cover topics such as greetings, politeness and directness. Watch the introduction video below to find out more!

Scroll down for our first Real Grammar and second Real Vocabulary video and blog series too!

An introduction to Real World English

In this video, Ed Pegg introduces the new series and explains what topics it will cover.

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Welcome to Real World English

“When it comes to pragmatics, there's no right answer but there are many different ways to express things with very different meanings.”

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What does the word quite mean?

In the second video of the series, Ed discusses the tricky use of the word quite.

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Real World English – "Quite"

“'Quite' is quite a frequent word in English and it's quite important to understand what it means. However, it can be quite difficult to understand the exact meaning as it can mean different things in different contexts and when it's used by different people.”

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Holiday and vacation

In the third video of the series, Ed explains the difference between holiday, holidays and vacation.

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Holiday and vacation

“It can be confusing to know which word to say, but don't worry too much. Most people in either country will understand if you use 'holiday' or 'vacation' and, if you're not sure what to say to talk about a legal 'day off', you can always use 'public holiday' instead.”

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Date and time

In the fourth video of the series, Ed discusses different ways of talking about dates and time in English.

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Other Real … series

If you've enjoyed Real World English, check out our grammar and vocabulary series with experts Michael Rundell and Scott Thornbury.

Macmillan Dictionary Real Grammar

In Real Grammar, Macmillan Dictionary Editor-in-Chief Michael Rundell discusses the validity of common grammar rules and asks questions such as these: Is it OK to change nouns into verbs and vice versa? Can you use the word like as a conjunction? And is it OK to split an infinitive?

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Macmillan Dictionary Real Vocabulary

In Real Vocabulary, author, teacher and teacher trainer Scott Thornbury explores common misconceptions about vocabulary choices, such as using awesome to describe a movie, or deciding when to use less, and when to use fewer.

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