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What people like best about Macmillan Dictionary

Macmillan Dictionary has lots to offer: easy-to-understand definitions, an integrated thesaurus, audio and pronunciation tips, games, our language blog, and much more. We asked you what you liked best about Macmillan Dictionary … and this is what you said:

Everything, but especially the possibility to listen to the pronunciation of the words – this can be used by students of any level.

Zuzana, Teacher

The 7500 most frequent words.

Mario João Moraes, Director at Mario Idiomas, Brazil

Learner-friendly definitions, that is, accessible vocabulary for definitions; examples filled with lexical units, American / British English options, pronunciation audio button and thesaurus.

Andrés, Teacher in Venezuela

Audio and the use of the words.

Stefi, Student in Rome

New words are fun and often useful in understanding blogs, internet articles etc.

Bob Black, Teacher, Kuwait

Red Stars!

Svetlana Tetina, Senior Lecturer, Russia

Red words and collocations.

Konstancja, TED-translator, Poland

What people like best about Macmillan Dictionary Blog

There are sometimes interesting observations about English from its native speakers.

Konstancja, TED-translator, Poland

It is informative and relevant and up to date and some of the contributors have interesting ideas.

Bob Black, Teacher, Kuwait

The reader-friendly tone and the topics.

Anila Scott-Monkhouse, University of Parma, Italy

The authors and editors' posts, and the links to definitions of the words therein; Buzzwords, Stories behind words, and the Lean English Language tips.

Andrés, Teacher in Venezuela

Having some doubts and 'equivalences' of vocabulary between my native language and English solved.

Mario João Moraes, Director at Mario Idiomas, Brazil

Interesting inspiring topics for discussion.

Nina Novitskaya, EFL teacher, Moscow, Russia

Stories behind Words!

Ulugbek Sulaymanov, Sales Manager from Tashkent in Uzbekistan

It's accessibility and easy use.

Elena M. Odessa, Ukraine

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