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We always enjoy reading positive reviews of our products and sharing them with you! So here is a small selection of excerpts from reviews and customer comments about macmillandictionary.com.

I would like to improve my English and in my opinion, your site and dictionaries are the best help for students like me!

Mariela Nikolova, student from Bulgaria

I like your dictionary for the simple reason that here I get the meaning of every expression in just one place – I don't have to go to different sites for meanings of words, idioms, phrasal verbs, etc. Thesaurus also is attached there only – in the same place. On top of that, the meanings are in such simple and easy language that not only I get the meaning crystal-clear but, more important, I ENJOY reading the meanings! I cannot tell you how much I find your website useful and how I like and enjoy it. Thank you very much.

Suresh M. Parmar

Macmillan Dictionary is very user-friendly, with easy and clear explanations.

Anila Scott-Monkhouse, University of Parma, Italy

Macmillan Dictionary is very helpful in finding some word-combinations which are unavailable in other dictionaries.

Nina Novitskaya, EFL teacher, Moscow, Russia

Macmillan Dictionary is clear and practical when you need to use not only definitions but the thesaurus.

Macabla, teacher in Uruguay

I regularly use MacmillanDictionary.com in class as my favourite online dictionary and thesaurus. … Give it a try, I think you will find that this is a great site for helping English language students develop their personal lexis and pronunciation skills.

Nathan Hall, Canada

I LOVE Macmillan Dictionary … An excellent feature in the MD is the close link with the Thesaurus, ideal for dedicated tertiary students wishing to expand their vocabulary systematically. … Conclusion: The Macmillan Dictionary is my new #1 amongst the monolingual online dictionaries.

review on JochenEnglish, Germany

Thank you so much for this site! … MED is very clever, thought-out and detailed. It is the most useful site I've ever found to help in learning English.

Szabi, Hungary

I love the Macmillan Dictionary because it always solves any type of doubt I may have, and I always find in it the right description for my translations; it has saved my life several times! It's awesome, marvelous, wonderful, great, etc.

Connie Vazquez Lamasney

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