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adverb, preposition on pronunciation in American English /ɑn/on pronunciation in American English /ɔn/
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On can be used in the following ways:
as a preposition: She was lying on the floor.It happened on a hot summer’s day.
as an adverb: Put your clothes on now.When the bus stopped he got on.
after the verb “to be”: Is the central heating on?
  1. 1
    touching a surface or an object
    1. a.
      touching and supported by the top surface of something
      Chad was asleep on the floor in a heap of blankets.
      He left a note for you on the kitchen table.
      Who was the first man on the moon?
      Jimmy sat on a high stool with his hands on the table.
    2. b.
      onto a surface
      Alanis dropped her books on the desk.
      We could hear the rain falling on the roof.
    3. c.
      touching, sticking to, or hanging from a surface or object
      There were several interesting posters on the wall.
      He had a lot of blood on his arm.
      The key is hanging on a hook in the hall.
      Evelyn leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.
      What kind of paper was the letter typed on?
      Can you see what’s written on the blackboard?
  2. 2
    used for saying the day or date when something happens
    He’s coming home on Wednesday.
    My birthday is on the 27th of November.
    They met on a rainy day in January.
  3. 3
    used for saying which part of your body is supporting you
    He propped himself up on an elbow and looked me in the eye.
    She gets down on her knees every night and prays for her family.
    Can you skate backward on one leg?
  4. 4
    in a particular place
    1. a.
      in a particular area, or on a particular type of land
      The house was built on a beautiful piece of land.
      a school on the outskirts of Ft. Worth
      Survivors lived on the island for three weeks before being rescued.
      My father was raised on a farm, but I have lived in the city my whole life.
    2. b.
      in a particular road or street
      Gordie’s grandparents live on Crescent Drive.
    3. c.
      at the side of a river or area of water
      Her mother comes from a small village on the Baltic Sea.
      a town on the Mississippi
      As the owner of the only restaurant on the lakefront, he enjoys very good profits.
  5. 5
    included in a list
    The future of the charity will be one of the items on the agenda.
    My name’s not on the list of candidates – why not?
  6. 6
    used for saying which thing a part of your body accidentally hits or touches causing you to be hurt
    I cut my hand on a piece of glass from the broken window.
    She bumped her head really hard on the door.
  7. 7
    used for saying that you are wearing a piece of clothing, jewelry, etc., or for saying which part of your body it covers
    Come on, put your socks on, you’ll be late for school.
    She had on a simple silk dress with a pattern of roses.
    She was wearing a ring on the third finger of her left hand.
    You look funny with glasses on.
  8. 8
    if your eyes are on someone or something, you are looking at them
    Hannah fixed her gray eyes on me once again.
    He kept his eyes on the flickering flames.
  9. 9
    happening, or being broadcast
    1. a.
      being broadcast by radio or television
      Friends is on TV tonight.
      I usually listen to the news on the radio while I’m driving to work.
      What time is the football game on?
    2. b.
      mainly British taking place or happening somewhere
      There’s a wedding on now at the church.
  10. 10
    concerning a particular subject
    I have to write a report on the Civil War for history class.
    a conference on language teaching
    Students should be offered accurate information on subjects like sex and contraception.
  11. 11
    1. a.
      used for saying that someone is continuing to do something
      They talked on through the night.
      Read on to find out the rest of the story.
      I stayed on after everyone else had left.
      He kept on saying “Where are the kids?” over and over again.
      We can’t go on putting more and more taxpayers’ money into these programs without getting some results.
    2. b.
      continuing to move forward
      They walked on beside the river to a picnic spot they knew.
      When I didn’t know the answer, the teacher kindly moved on to the next student.
  12. 12
    in or into a bus, train, airplane, etc.
    We got on the train in Oakland.
    I’ll get some work done while I’m on the plane.
  13. 13
    using a particular type of machine or equipment
    1. a.
      used for saying which type of machine or equipment is used for doing something
      Much of the work is done on the computer.
      I recorded our conversation on my tape recorder.
    2. b.
      used for saying in what form music, movies, information, etc. are recorded
      The movie was released on DVD last month.
      I bought the album on tape when it first came out in 1996.
  14. 14
    if a machine or piece of electrical equipment is on, it is in use or working
    Is the furnace on? I’m freezing.
    She had left her light on and I went in to turn it off.
    When you turn the computer on, it goes through a procedure called booting.
  15. 15
    using a particular drug
    She’s on antibiotics for a mild eye infection.
    Some of the young people were obviously high on drugs.
  16. 16
    used for saying that someone takes part in an activity in which they travel or see something
    He has been going on expeditions since he was eleven years old.
    I’ll take you on a tour of the factory.
    I met him when I was on a Mediterranean cruise.
  17. 17
    if someone is on a team, committee, etc., they are a member of it
    There are only three directors on the board.
    Mr. Cook was strongly criticized by some of the Senators on the committee.
    I’m glad to have a player like you on our team.
  18. 18
    formal used for saying that an event is followed immediately by another event or that the two events happen at the same time
    On being made aware of the complaints, he informed the committee.
    They exchanged a firm handshake on parting.
    Report to the reception desk on arrival.
  19. 19
    using something to live or work
    1. a.
      eating or drinking only a particular type of food or drink in order to stay alive
      Using a cave as shelter, the two men survived on wild berries and raw fish.
      He lives on a diet of coffee and cigarettes.
    2. b.
      using a particular type of fuel or electrical power in order to operate
      run on something: Why can’t they make a car that runs on water?
      This video recorder runs on batteries.
    3. c.
      used for saying how much money you have to buy the things that you need in order to live
      He was just managing to survive on a small student grant.
      The 1.3 billion who live on less than $1 a day have waited far too long for these changes.
      How to travel around Europe on $40 a day.
  20. 20
    used for saying who or what is affected by something
    The rough weather had little effect on the ship.
    The attacks on Walters in the newspaper have been entirely unfair.
  21. 21
    compared with someone or something
    This would be a significant improvement on the $15 million profit figure achieved last time.
  22. 22
    used for saying that an actor or performer can be seen appearing on the stage or screen
    Wait! She’ll be on in a couple of seconds.
  23. 23
    spoken used for saying who will pay for something
    Drink up! The next round’s on me.
  24. 24
    British used for giving the phone number which you can use to talk to someone. The American word is at
    Call us on 0800 0900017.


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